Looking for a Whangamata builder?

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Whangamata builder, Dave Artz, has been bringing his knowledge and experience to the forefront of the construction industry for over 20+ years.

Our projects have included beautiful beach homes, transforming renovations, and added-value alterations, as well as fences, garages and carports – anything that requires a hammer.


Who are we?

We are a small and effective team, guided by Dave who’s role is to manage the project including timelines and a range of targets. The guys we have in our crew are all lively and approachable, and all bring certain skills and talents to the job.

Dave has an open communication style, and his wife, Susie, is in the office fielding the emails and calls, and monthly invoicing, plus managing the regulations and legislation the construction industry faces.

What makes us different?

All builders build, but it’s what they build and how they build that makes the difference.  Like many builders too, we pride ourselves on our projects, and the service we provide our clients. So what makes us different from the rest, and why should you build with us?

Here’s a few things…

  • Our weather-proof systems (which exceed building code standards)
  • Our attention to detail.
  • Our understanding of form and function.
  • Our ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Our commitment to giving you the best service.
  • Your peace of mind.

Dave is a unique builder in that he also has trained and worked as an Architectural Designer, though these days he leaves the drawing to other designers to concentrate solely on building.

So how does this benefit our clients?  With an eye for detail, interpreting form and function, and bringing design plans to life, our client’s receive a ‘wow’ house at the end of the building process.  We take pride in our ‘can-do’ attitude, where on our site, there is never a problem without a solution.

What’s paramount to us though, is providing a weather-tight home.  We want our client’s to feel safe and have peace of mind.



We’ve got the man-power…and the machines.

We also have a sister company – Peninsula Precast. Concrete precast panels are becoming more mainstream, as people prefer their strength, ambiance and their semi-industrial look. There is a lot of customisation to ensure they become a feature of your build, and our own team of carpenters set up the panel moulds.

With this type of work we need heavy machinery, which comes in handy with the building site, such as lifting roof iron or getting materials into tight places. So naturally, this does save costs to our clients.


Backed by Certified Builders.

This means we’re trade-qualified and meet the highest industry standards. They also have a great resource for clients, click here to visit their site.

We’re able to offer our client’s with a professional service that includes:

  • Contract Agreements
  • Insurance – for during the build
  • Guarantee – opt to cover your build for 10years following completion


Our work.

We’d like to show-off some of our work! It’s not always easy to show you some of the details, but if you would like to see our work up close, please call us to arrange.

What our clients say.

  • We engaged Artz Architectural Builders on two occasions. The latest was for a major refurbishment, and renovation. The house was completely renovated from a new roofline and structure, to re-cladding of the exterior, installation of an elevator and new decks.
  • Thanks to the excellent team of builders and the close liaison with Dave and Susie Artz.  Each stage was photographed and documented for future reference. All the work passed all council inspections and a code of compliance issued.
  • I have spent all night looking through the photos of the most GORGEOUS beach house and can barely believe it is OUR beach house. Oh my goodness thank you both so much for all your hard work. It is ‘the’ most pristine house I think I have ever seen! It is even sparkling in the photos!! It has totally exceeded all expectations, we are so happy with it. (And I haven’t even seen the finished product!!)  Dave you truly are a fantastic builder.
  • Dave and his team ensured that our recent house build went smoothly. We trusted in his knowledge and guidance throughout the process. His workmanship is flawless, and the quality is felt throughout the house. Most importantly, the after-build care is still paramount to Dave.


Getting started.

If you’re not sure how the build process works, click here for more information.