We’ve been building many of the landmark homes in Whangamata for almost 20 odd years. Dave Artz is a second generation builder – having started work with his father at the age of 16. He’s now nearing a good 30+ years under his toolbelt! Part of his journey has been architecture design – which is why he places such value on detail and striving to achieve what the architect wants (and invariably what the client wants). Detail adds value – trust us, EVERYONE picks up on the details – they may not realise it, but it’s what they ‘see’.

So, what else do we do that sets us apart from ‘other’ builders:

  • We exceed the standard building code to deliver custom weather-proof systems to your build
  • Attention to detail, including customising your home to you!
  • Our ‘can-do’ attitude – always solutions, never problems!
  • We’re committed to delivering the best service.
  • Providing our client’s with peace of mind – throughout the build, and long after the build.
  • Our own heavy lifting equipment, building equipment and workshop – very important for any specialised work!
  • Dedicated to one main project at a time – we’re focussed on getting the client into their home asap!

We are proud to support local businesses in most of our projects. We have a great team of subcontractors who understand that we deliver a higher level of care and standards in our builds.

Safety Standards

Artz Architectural Builders carry the following insurance:

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Tool Insurance
  • Contract Works Insurance (arranged depending job)

Risk Management Practice

Artz Architectural Builders uses customised work management systems to manage quality, environmental performance, and risk management for all building and maintenance work.

We are members of Certified Builders, which provides us with industry support, literature and contracts. We can also offer client’s with a 10 year guarantee.

So, if you’re wanting that special build, don’t hesitate. Get in touch today and discuss what you want to achieve. We can put you in the direction of an architect or designer (if you don’t have one already), or look at your plans in more detail.